Get To Know Clinton, MO - Nostalgic U


Company Name: Nostalgic U.

Owner/Manager Name: Jackie Ischell/Mark Ischell.

Corporate/family operated: Family.

Year started business: November 2023.

What made you become a business owner? A passion of collecting and giving back after the joy I got from doing it.

What was your mission at the start of your company? To become a successful business owner and grow myself as the company does.

How did you come up with the company name? As a collector and feeling the joy I do from pickup the stuff I do. I wanted others to experience that childhood joy from possibly finding toys they played with as a child or something that reminds them of a family member etc.

What services or products do you offer? A large variety of items from home decor, clothing, knick knacks, and vintage toys to modern sports and non sport cards, sports memorabilia.

How many employees do you have? 1.

What qualities do you look for in new employees? If we decide to hire in the future our employees must have a passion for the business that we do and a dedication to family, everything else will fall into place.

What made you start a company in this industry? As a collector started acquiring too much inventory but was proud enough of it I wanted to share.

What made you choose your company’s location? Grew up in a foster home here in town with my moms parent in Urich and my dads in Calhoun.

Does your company give back to the community? (Example youth sports, donations, volunteers, or clubs) As we just opened not a lot of opportunity but plan to in the future as we see what is needed. This past year we did gather toys and food for local family as well as giving out free stocking caps, gloves and scarves this winter.

What is unique about your company & How do you advertise? Haven’t really done any advertising much other than word of mouth. We offer a little something for everyone and if I don’t have it I’ll get it.

What are your company’s goals for the next year? Being able to grow and be a bigger part of the Clinton experience.

Favorite Customer experience? Listening to the customers chatter about what they see and the excitement it provides them as well as being able to replace something that was lost to them years ago. Or when parents have to drag their kids away from the store windows.