Artesian Park Pool Will Debut New Parking And Summer Fun


A five-year 1/8 percent tax was approved in Clinton in November 2021 to fund upgrades and renovations to the Artesian Outdoor Pool. The interior of the pool was renovated in 2022, the pool house was modernized in 2023, and this year the broken-up parking lot is having a drainage pipe installed and multiple layers of asphalt applied. In addition, four parking lights have been upgraded to LED lights on concrete pedestals. Opening date for this summer was previously scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, but a pipe in the pumphouse was cracked or perforated and is being repaired.
“The indoor pool that is open during the other three seasons, has remained open so that people can still swim while waiting for the outdoor pool repair,” said Christy Maggi, Clinton City Administrator. “During the five years lifetime of this tax we are cutting summer entry fees to $2 per person. Citizens are paying a little more tax during this time, and we want to give them a break and let them have fun at the pool. The pool tax expires on March 30, 2027. The renovations have cost a little more than is expected to be generated by the pool tax. However, some city funds are being used to cover the extra expense.”
Maggi said that the outdoor pool was built in 1976 by the Corps of Engineers. Things have been done over the years, and substantial renovations were completed in 2006. An article in the Clinton Daily Democrat on October 20, 2021 reported that plumbing was an issue in the pool restrooms, and the pipes under the concrete would need to be dug up and replaced. Paint that would protect the pool’s surface for 20 years was also required. The parking lot had deteriorating curbs and potholes, and the lion’s share of the tax money was to be directed to the pool house renovation.
Maggi said that when the pool is open the number of people varies from day to day. On a nice day there may be over 100. She said that people, church organizations and other youth groups often rent the pool out for parties.
“Hours will be Monday and Wednesday: 1 to 8 P.M. On Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend it will be open from 1 to 5 P.M.,” said Maggi. “We typically close down for the summer on Labor Day but lately we have tended to close when school starts because we have difficulty staffing lifeguards when they are back in college.”
Another interesting project taking place in Clinton is the construction of a public terminal at the Clinton Regional Airport that is expected to be complete in the fall. It currently is an informal spot mainly for pilots. When completed there will be doors on the public side where people can go through the terminal and exit on the airfield side of the building. Maggi said there are large corporate jets that come into the airport frequently, plus a lot of small private planes. Ninety-three percent of the cost to construct the public terminal is being covered by federal grants.
Christy Maggi has worked for the City of Clinton since 1995 and has been City Administrator since 2007.