The Trophy Returns!


In June of 2021, Don Snyder traveled with his two daughters, from Warrensburg to Clinton in connection with an annual scholarship established in his name. While at the high school, he wanted to show them a trophy he and his teammates had won for placing third in the 1950 state basketball championship.
The trophy was supposed to be on display in the big display case, but it wasn’t there.
That started a search, initiated by daughters Liz Rotert and Glenna Fleeman with the help of former Daily Democrat sports editor Tim Komer. But when the search failed after a couple of months, Plan B was necessary.
Considering that the trophy represented the highest position Clinton ever placed in a state tournament, it was a testament to the work and effort of the team. “It was a big deal then,” said Liz Rotert, “and since although 74 years was more than a lifetime away for many, the fact that it has not been repeated since makes it a big deal still.”
It was decided to replace the trophy. Rotert consulted with an expert of vintage sports trophies, according to a report in the Clinton Daily Democrat of December 28, 2023. Last Friday, the trophy was presented to the school in the break between the girls and boys basketball games at the high school.
Team members Marvin Rhoads, Bob Shoemaker and Jim Price were courtside for the presentation along with classmate Richard Headrich, who was a member of the football and baseball teams. All reside in Clinton.
Other members of the team contacted but not present were Bob McFarland of Horseshoe Bay, Tx, James Fithian, Port Heuneme, Calif., and James Shelvin Stone. Don Snyder died in 2022 at 90.
The team members who were in the audience, along with friends and family, filled one section of gymnasium bleachers when the trophy was presented, along with several hundred people in the audience.
The team members present autographed the bottom of the trophy.