Lady Cardinals Victorious In Close Game Over Warrensburg


In the first quarter of the game, fans and coaches could tell that it was going to be a close matchup and almost mimic last week's game at Harrisonville.
At the start of the first quarter, Clinton's Skyte Wilson started raking in the points with Vyla Brown following closely behind her. Ava Potter knocked down a two pointer during the quarter as well. Hannah Campbell and Briley Wishard were both fouled and had a chance at free throws. Wishard brought back two points for the Cardinals after she stepped off the free throw line and Hannah Campbell was not so fortunate, shooting 2 and making 0.
The Warrensburg Tigers had many scorers including A. Nunnely, K. Maxwell, G. Hill, and M. Buck. The end of the first quarter score was 14-11.
In the second quarter, Campbell redeemed herself making 3 free throws. Allie Cardwell shot a two pointer and made it, Mercedes Brown scored 3 points, Potter for 2, and Wishard for 2. The Tigers turned it on in the second quarter, it seemed they might be leaving the Cardinals in the dust for this game. A. Nunnely, M. Myers, K. Maxwell, G. Hill, M. Buck, and E. Wiederhoeft all scored points for the Lady Tigers in the second period. Those points scored brought the halftime score to 26-32.
Wilson and Wishard were both given the chance in the third quarter to shoot 2 free throws, both only making one. Brown made two, 3 point baskets and Cardwell made one, 3 point basket.
In the second and third quarters the Cardinals defense was shaken by the hard press the Lady Tigers used to score. Warrensburg scorers for the third quarter were G. Hill, M. Buck, and E. Wiederhoeft. The end of the third quarter score was 37-41.
In the fourth quarter the Clinton Lady Cardinals kicked it into sixth gear on the offensive side and the defense stuck their arms up and blocked most shots made by the Lady Tigers.
The Cardinals were determined to dig themselves out of the hole they had made in the second and third and win the game. Brown scored 2, Brown with 7, Wilson scored 6, and Wishard with 1.

CLINTON (53): Vyla Brown (2), Allie Cardwell (5), Mercedes Brown (20), Hannah Campbell (3), Katie Schaffer (0), Skyte Wilson (13), Allie Goucher (0), Ava Potter (4), and Briley Wishard (6).

WARRENSBURG (50): A. Nunnely (2), M. Myers (5), L. Teichman (0), K. Maxwell (13), G. Hill (12), A. Lightfoot (0), M. Buck (6), and E. Wiederhoeft (0).