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Looking Back:
95 Cardinal
State Medals

McNack is a State Champion! Amitria McNack added her name to this list of CHS State Wrestling Champions. This makes the 95th State Medal earned by a Clinton Cardinal. Also earning a trip to the 2023 Championships was Lucas McMenemy. He was one match away from earning a medal. I am sure he is looking to next year. Amitria was the first Lady Cardinal to win a medal in 2022 and the first to win a State Championship in 2023. The MSHSAA State Girls Wrestling Championship started in 2018. The Lady Cardinal program has grown each year. The amount of work represented on this list is immeasurable. The amount of Cardinal pride is also immeasurable. Who will be next to make this prestigious list? All the Cardinal wrestling head coaches are listed at the end of this article. The Cardinal program started in 1965 (58 yrs.). Joey Haynes broke the ice in 1972, winning the very first Cardinal State medal. This year Todd Mowery lead the Cardinals, assisted by Denise McMenemy and J.D. Bristow. Both Denise and J.D. are former Cardinal wrestlers. J.D. won a State medal in 2014.
State Champions 1st Place (13): 1989 Kendal Koch (our very first State Champion), 1990 Kendal Koch, 1991 Shane Green, 1991 Brandon Peck, 1992 Jon Koch, 1992 Doug Walrath, 1994 Matt Morrison, 1994 John Pickens, 1997 Steve James, 1999 Bobby Scrogham, 2007 Logan Huggins, 2009 Andy Skaggs. 2023 Amitria McNack. Note: Andy Skaggs is now the CMS Wrestling coach. Andy is the last boy State Champion. Also, note the Cardinals won nine medals in 1991 and won the Team State Championship. They have placed in the Top 10 many times.
2nd Place (17): 1972 Joey Haynes, 1974 Chip Whitlow, 1986 Todd Parks, 1990 Brandon Peck, 1990 Lyle Banner, 1990 Jeff Hunter, 1991 Steve Young, 1993 Andy Komer, 1994 Cody Kirk, 1998 Matt Gum, 2000 Scott Anderson, 2001 Scott Anderson, 2002 Scott Anderson, 2008 Matt Hedrick, 2012 Gabe Suthoff, 2013 Josh Ryan, 2017 Benny Ladd.
3rd Place (18): 1975 Chip Whitlow, 1977 George Curry, 1990 Shane Green, 1992 Shay Owens, 1995 Mark McQuitty, 1996 Tommy Miles, 1996 Steve James, 1996 Narvin Clouse, 2000 BJ Switzer, 2001 BJ Switzer, 2004 Brandon Jolley, 2007 Matt Hedrick, 2007 Andy Skaggs, 2008 Andy Skaggs, 2014 Grant Taylor, 2015 Grant Taylor, 2016 Grant Taylor. 2022 Amitria McNack.
4th Place (13): 1988 Kendal Koch, 1991 Doug Walrath, 1993 Jon Koch, 1993 Brad Chaney, 1994 Jon Koch, 1998 Clay Kirk, 1998 Bobby Scrogham, 2006 Andy Hamilton,