LaFavor To Return To CHS As New Activities Director


The Clinton School District announced Kevin LaFavor as the new activities director for Clinton sports and activities on May 12. LaFavor has a background at the Clinton High School as the head football coach for the 2021-2022 school year. LaFavor seemed excited to start his new position in an interview we had on May 22, 2023. Tell me about yourself, what does your history in school administration look like? “I was raised in Calhoun Missouri, and moved to Clinton during my sophomore year of high school. I was involved in youth sports, band, FFA, DECA, Football, and Basketball. After graduating from high school I went to Southwest Baptist University and majored in Physical Education. My first teaching job was at Osceola High School where I taught 7-12th grade English Language Arts after gaining certification in that area as well. At Osceola I coached Junior High Boys and Girls Basketball, Assistant Junior High Football, Assistant Highs School Football, and Head Varsity Baseball. After I married my wonderful wife Emily in 2016, I went back to the Clinton area, and taught at Leesville. At Leesville I began working on my Masters Degree in Educational Administration. Mr. Brian WIshard was the Superintendent out there, so he gave me valuable experience handling different situations in administration, and allowed me to serve that role when he was out of the building. Soon after Lincoln High School called looking for a football coach. I was at Lincoln for 3 years where I coached High School Football and Junior High Girls Basketball. My son, Maxwell, was born in 2017 while I was still an Assistant Football Coach. After my first year at Lincoln I was offered the Head High School Football Position. From there we went to back to back State Championships, unfortunately losing both of them, but gaining both knowledge and experience along the way. Soon after, the Clinton School District had an opening for a Football Coach. Clinton has always been my dream school to work at. My family lives in the Coal/Leesville area, and Clinton is where both my wife and I went to high school. By this time I had completed my Masters Degree and was looking to eventually move into an Activity Director Position. After my first year at CHS our activities director position opened up, and I applied. After a couple rounds of interviews I was not selected. I did gain valuable experience not only in the interview process, but what I needed to do to obtain such a position in my future. I knew I lacked administrative experience, and I had to make the toughest professional decision in my career. I decided to leave Clinton High School, and became the K-12th Grade Principal in the Chilhowee R-4 School District. I gained valuable knowledge and experience every day as the Principal at Chilhowee, where I met new people who have afforded me more knowledge and professional connections. This past school year was my first year not coaching any sports or activities at the school, so I helped out with my son’s t-ball and wrestling teams here in Clinton. I was not only attending meetings and training through MLDS on principalship, but I continued to stay current on MSHSAA and MIAAA as well. I knew I wanted to pursue the AD position if it were to ever come open again at CHS.”, said Kevin LaFavor. What do you look forward to most as you reenter the Clinton School District for the 2023-2024 school year? “I look forward to seeing the students and staff who I built connections with previously. As a previous coach, you spend more time with students and co-workers than you do your own families. Once you figure 8am-6pm with school and practice, not to mention summer workout programs and camps. That time adds up to more time with those students and fellow coaches than it does at home. Those relationships I developed as a coach and teacher in the district made it very hard to leave. I am excited to see everyone again.”, said Kevin LaFavor. What would you say you bring to the table to the school district as far as administration abilities? “I am strong in the core values that the Clinton School District is looking for. I believe in teaching responsibility, accountability, and perseverance. While doing this, I strive to build relationships with everyone I encounter as well. The biggest thing I learned is how to stay firm, and do the right thing. This may not always be the easy thing, and there are usually conversations that have to be had afterwards somewhere. The biggest thing with this, you are still able to show students and staff you care. I am a problem solver. I like to get things accomplished and move on to the next task at hand. I enjoy the personable side as well. I enjoy any opportunity where I can visit with community members, alumni, or even other professionals. In the end I have a passion to find anything that will help our students learn their core values. For me, as a student, this was all the activities and sports that I did. They were the reason I went to school. Those teachers, sponsors, and coaches, they are who I wanted to be like. I credit them more than they know, and I hope to be able to help each and every student find what motivates them.”, said Kevin LaFavor. Do you think your time at the Chilhowee School District better equipped you for the position as Activities Director in Clinton? “Yes, I would say it has definitely helped. I was responsible for everything at Chilhowee. Fortunately, I had a wonderful team around me there. I cannot speak highly enough of them. (Transportation, scheduling, event planning, grades, discipline, handbook, community relations, budgeting, admin on duty at sporting events) these things were all a day to day part of my day.”, said LaFavor. When school is in session, project what your day will look like? “On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will start in the highschool, and do check-ins with coaches, sponsors, and different students throughout the day. On Tuesday and Thursday I will do the same thing starting in Middle School. I cannot really explain how my day will look because it will be so different everyday. I would say it will be a lot of phone calls, transportation, field maintenance, and event planning. Those will be my everyday things, but I am always open to do anything new. If someone is needing help in the district then give me a shout and I’ll be there.”, said LaFavor. Tell me about your new secretary Mr. Barnes, what he brings to the table? “I am excited to work with Mr. Barnes. He is a Clinton alum, who has 14 years in education. Along that journey, he has coached and sponsored many different sports and activities. He has built many relationships in the community over time. I believe his experience coupled with his drive and attention to detail will make him a valuable member of any team, and I’m grateful he is on my team.”, said AD LaFavor. All in all Kevin LaFavor is a well rounded individual with respect for the community in Clinton who is ready to serve our community in his new position. Jennifer Corson of Clinton High School had a few words to say regarding LaFavor. “Mr. Kevin LaFavor is not new to the Clinton School District and community. He is a familiar face who is respected by his peers within the district, students, athletes, families, and the entire community. Although Kevin has not been a direct employee of the district this year, he has continued to support Clinton athletics and activities as a spectator at events and has continued to build positive relationships with students. This has shown his passion and love for the district and it's success. Mr. LaFavor has spent the past year at Chilhowee R-IV School District at the K-12 Principal in which he has gained experience in an administrative role and has seen firsthand the duties and organization of the activities director. Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge in many sports and activities, mentorship of coaches in the district, organization, new ideas on current district events, as well as facility upgrades. Here is my quote from the district press release, if needed: "We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Kevin LaFavor back to the Clinton Cardinal family and to our team as the new Activities Director. Kevin brings with him a wealth of knowledge in athletics, activities, and the Clinton community. His leadership, passion, experience, and commitment to student success will be invaluable in furthering our programs and helping our students achieve their goals. Mr. Lafavor will work closely with coaches, staff, and students to build upon current successes and develop new opportunities for growth in the future." said CHS Principal, Jennifer Corson. Scheduling has been a conflict this year for activities, Kevin LaFavor is truly qualified to turn the Clinton School District activities into a well oiled machine.