McMenemy Takes First For Cardinals At Buffalo Thundering Herd Tourney


Clinton's Lucan McMenemy won all four matches by fall, and none even made it to the one minute mark, as he captured a first place finish for Cardinals wretling at the Buffalo Thundering Herd Tournament on Saturday.

Triston Switzer and Will Golder both brought home third place medals and Connor Bramell secured a fourth for Clinton.

Complete individual results for the event are as follows:

106: Lucas McMenemy (Clinton) - 1st
Lucas McMenemy (Clinton) over Nic Groll (Osage) (Fall 0:56)
Round 1 - Lucas McMenemy (Clinton) over Matthew Yang (Versailles) (Fall 0:37)
Round 2 - Lucas McMenemy (Clinton) received a bye
Round 3 - Lucas McMenemy (Clinton) over Pablo Moreno-Armada (Reeds Spring) (Fall 0:23)
1st Place Match - Lucas McMenemy (Clinton) over Mason Neil (Nevada) (Fall 0:32)

113: Evan Dubina (Clinton) - 10th
Round 1 - Grayson Clevenger (Reeds Spring) over Evan Dubina (Clinton) (Fall 1:31)
Round 2 - Ryken Butler (Nevada) over Evan Dubina (Clinton) (Fall 1:01)
Round 3 - Micah Duncan (Owensville) over Evan Dubina (Clinton) (Fall 1:28)
Round 5 - Zachary Green (Osage) over Evan Dubina (Clinton) (Fall 1:15)

120: Carlos Albuquerque (Clinton) - 8th
Mitchell Martinez-Kurtti (Boonville) over Carlos Albuquerque (Clinton) (Fall 0:53)
Round 1 - Brock Arrowood (Osage) over Carlos Albuquerque (Clinton) (Fall 2:29)
Round 2 - Beau Reyes (Marshfield) over Carlos Albuquerque (Clinton) (Fall 1:01)
Round 3 - Alec Farran (El Dorado Springs) over Carlos Albuquerque (Clinton) (Fall 3:39)
7th Place Match - Noel Baquio (Owensville) over Carlos Albuquerque (Clinton) (Dec 7-5)

126: Connor Bramell (Clinton) - 4th
Steven Buddemeyer (Owensville) over Connor Bramell (Clinton) (Fall 5:46)
Round 1 - Connor Bramell (Clinton) over Drew Jones (Boonville) (Fall 1:15)
Round 2 - Connor Bramell (Clinton) over Garrett Faulstich (Osage) (Fall 3:50)
Round 3 - Shane Pearson (Reeds Spring) over Connor Bramell (Clinton) (Fall 0:29)
3rd Place Match - Mac Mohnen (Marshfield) over Connor Bramell (Clinton) (Fall 4:36)

132: Hagan Sommers (Clinton) - 9th
Hagan Sommers (Clinton) over Titan Kepford (Hollister) (Fall 0:25)
Round 1 - Makiah Murguia (Cole Camp) over Hagan Sommers (Clinton) (TF 17-2 4:22)
Round 2 - Jayden Davis (Boonville) over Hagan Sommers (Clinton) (TF 18-1 4:00)
Round 3 - Hagan Sommers (Clinton) received a bye
9th Place Match - Hagan Sommers (Clinton) over John Higgins (North Callaway) (Fall 1:33)

138: Brody Barnhart (Clinton) - 5th
Round 2 - Lane Kimbley (North Callaway) over Brody Barnhart (Clinton) (Fall 0:46)
Round 3 - Xavier Flippin (Boonville) over Brody Barnhart (Clinton) (MD 14-5)
Round 4 - Brody Barnhart (Clinton) received a bye
Round 5 - Brody Barnhart (Clinton) over Chad McKinley (Nevada) (Fall 1:24)
5th Place Match - Brody Barnhart (Clinton) over Noah Sousley (Camdenton) (Fall 3:20)

144: Donovan Pack (Clinton) - 10th
Donovan Pack (Clinton) over Nathan Coyle (Reeds Spring) (Fall 2:59)
Round 1 - Avery Patrick (Buffalo) over Donovan Pack (Clinton) (Dec 5-1)
Round 2 - Donovan Pack (Clinton) received a bye
Round 3 - Collin Moore (North Callaway) over Donovan Pack (Clinton) (Fall 1:09)
9th Place Match - George Long (Osage) over Donovan Pack (Clinton) (Fall 2:25)

150: Triston Switzer (Clinton) - 3rd
James LaFever (Diamond) over Triston Switzer (Clinton) (Dec 5-0)
Round 1 - Triston Switzer (Clinton) over Jeremiah Haile (Osage) (Fall 0:58)
Round 2 - Triston Switzer (Clinton) over Timothy Winterbauer (Owensville) (Fall 2:12)
Round 3 - Triston Switzer (Clinton) over Jobe Losinger (Buffalo) (Fall 1:01)
3rd Place Match - Triston Switzer (Clinton) over Christopher Dowell (Versailles) (TF 18-0 4:28)

157: Jordan Oliver (Clinton) - 6th
Jordan Oliver (Clinton) over Jason Clancy (Cole Camp) (Fall 4:41)
Round 1 - Jordan Oliver (Clinton) over Parker Darnell (Buffalo) (Fall 4:30)
Round 2 - Jordan Oliver (Clinton) over Kail Bledsoe (El Dorado Springs) (Fall 0:58)
Round 3 - Kason Clark (Nevada) over Jordan Oliver (Clinton) (Fall 1:06)
5th Place Match - Zachary `Zach` Preston (Reeds Spring) over Jordan Oliver (Clinton) (Fall 1:37)

165: Will Golder (Clinton) - 3rd
Grant Rodriguez (Cole Camp) over Will Golder (Clinton) (Dec 5-3)
Round 1 - Will Golder (Clinton) received a bye
Round 2 - Will Golder (Clinton) over Ryley Steimel (Marshfield) (Fall 1:51)
Round 3 - Will Golder (Clinton) over Henry Campbell (Nevada) (M. For.)
3rd Place Match - Will Golder (Clinton) over Peyton Altic (Buffalo) (MD 10-2)

175: Ryan Custer (Clinton) - 11th
Round 1 - Cayden Long (Osage) over Ryan Custer (Clinton) (Fall 5:38)
Round 3 - Tyce Jones (Marshfield) over Ryan Custer (Clinton) (Fall 1:24)
Round 4 - Shane Bright (Versailles) over Ryan Custer (Clinton) (Fall 4:50)
Round 5 - Benjamin Haubner (North Callaway) over Ryan Custer (Clinton) (Fall 2:40)
Round 6 - Ryan Custer (Clinton) over Jim McKee (Diamond) (Dec 5-2)

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