Cards, Lady Cards Both Place At Annual Tourney


Clinton hosted its 98th Annual Basketball Tournament last week. This year's was a rather small tournament compared to some of the previous ones that Clinton has hosted.
In round one of the 45th annual Clinton Girls Tournament, the Lady Cardinals defeated Adrian 48-28, this gave the Lady Cardinals a boost of confidence going into the home tournament.
On the second day of the event, the boys, led by head coach Franklin Jackson, took a fall to the Lincoln Cardinals with a final score of 36-49.
On Wednesday, the Lady Cardinals took down the Pleasant Hill Chicks with a 30-point difference, the final score for this game was 64-34.
On Thursday night, the Clinton Cardinals Boys Basketball Team took on the Pleasant Hill Rosters and defeated them with a final score of 71-55.
In their final contests of the Clinton Tournament, both girls and boys teamed battled it out on the court. The Clinton Lady Cardinals went up against the Smith-Cotton Lady Tigers and defeated them with a final score of 56-36 (see below). Following the girl's game, the Clinton boys faced the Skyline Tigers and won with a final score of 83-64 (see below).
Next year, CHS Activities Director Alex Johnson is looking to expand the horizons of this tournament and invite other schools from outside of Clinton's conference. The problem posed is that some schools already see the Clinton Cardinals too much and they were not wanting to make the trip, but with a little more publicity, next year could be a much bigger tournament hosting anywhere from 6-18 schools. Johnson is looking forward to a bigger and better event next year to better gear the Clinton Cardinals up for district and even state play.

In the last game of Clinton’s 45th Annual Basketball Tournament the Clinton Lady Cardinals battled it out with the Smith-Cotton Lady Tigers. It was a rough start for the Lady Cardinals because of Smith-Cotton's aggressive defenseive tactics.
The Lady Cardinals were running neck and neck with the Lady Tigers in the first quarter bringing the score to Clinton, 13 and Smith-Cotton, 10.
In the second quarter, however, the Lady Cardinals started to take a little more of a lead against the Lady Tigers, thanks to Mercedes Brown, Hannah Campbell and Briley Wishard who all scored points in the period. These points brought the halftime score for this game to 22-16.
When the team returned from the locker room, they were ready to play in the third quarter, trying to take down the aggressive Smith-Cotton Lady Tigers was no small task for the Lady Cardinals. The Lady Cardinals rung off 10 points with the Lady Tigers not far behind scoring 8 points in the 3rd quarter. These points brought the 3rd quarter score to 32-24.
In the 4th quarter, Clinton turned it on and stated playing offense like a well-oiled machine, while the Lady Tigers started to get tired and slow down. Mercedes Brown was a huge player in completely annihilating the Lady Tigers defense, scoring 11 points in the 4th quarter. With the assistance of her teammates in that period, that brought the final to 56-36, giving the Lady Cardinals another win in the books.
Mercedes Brown was the Lady Cardinals high scorer with a whopping 19 points. Mercedes has an extraordinary talent for this game and Clinton head coach Stacie Womack definitely knows how to motivate her girls to play aggressive and put points up on their side of the board.

CLINTON (56): V. Brown 4, A. Cardwell 0, M. Brown 19, H. Campbell 4, K. Schaffer 0, S. Wilson 14, A. Goucher 0, A. Potter 2, B. Wishard 12.
SMITH-COTTON (36): R. Jackson 11, H. Snyder 0 , B. Lamar 0, A. Ewert 0, Z. Hieronymus 3, K. Jackson 2, K. Murphy 0, K. Woolrey 2, E. Cavannah 15, H. Burlingame 3, M. Lee 0.

The Clinton boys basketball team led by Franklin Jackson took home second place in their 98th annual tournament right here in Clinton. In the last game of the tournament, the boys fought hard and pulled out a win against the Skyline Tigers.
Richie Brown was the high scorer of the game dropping 20 points throughout all four quarters of the contest. Following close behind was his freshman peer Kaiden Townsend scoring an astonishing 16 points.
The Skyline Tigers' Meade scored 24 points in the game. Following close behind was Skyline's Owen who scored 16 points.

CLINTON (83): R. Brown 20, D. Jackson 14, E. Neal 10, B. Ethridge 9, M. Alexander 0, J. Wilson 5, J. Balke 3, G. Ethridge 0 ,X. Ray 6, K. Townsend 16.
SKYLINE (64): T. Henry 2, A. Meade 24, C. Millbern 0, A. Damier 9, C. West 0, R. Woodhouse 10, W. Owen 18, J. Moppin 3, C. Millbern 0, P. Foster 0.