Have I Got A Line For You!


Family gathered at sister Julie’s for lunch on Saturday. Conversation drifted to various dogs we’ve had over the years, probably because Max (Schnauzer) was seated next to me. We talked about my Grandfather White always having a Saint Bernard. In later years though, he got an American Water Spaniel. It was a small brown dog with expressive eyes who answered to “Sam.” Grandpa loved that dog and took good care of him. Once, just once, he took him outside without a leash and Sam bounded out into Third Street (Clinton) and was promptly hit by a car. Broke his neck. Grandpa felt awful. That afternoon, my Grandmother went over to Warsaw where the Lay’s had a litter of Spaniels. She brought a shy little pup back that looked like Sam and gave it to him. He named her “Samantha” and she was very much a part of his life. A bit neurotic, so she fit right in with the rest of the family. Samantha would hide behind a chair if anyone but my Grandfather spoke to her. She never bit anyone, except for a nip at my Grandmother’s ankle. That teed off an interesting minute or two. At the end of the conversation Aunt Jane looked at Max, then at me and said, “History does repeat itself.” And with that she changed the subject.
Well, the DOJ report about President Biden’s classified document debacle was a barn burner. The special counsel said it would be difficult to convict an elderly man with memory problems. UNBELIEVABLE! The President came out swinging and blamed his staff. They didn’t take the documents from the SCIF, he did. He wasn’t President either; he was a Senator and VP. Uncle Joe also denied having memory problems and told us, “I know what I’m doing and I’ve put this country back on its feet!” If that statement isn’t clear evidence he’s lost his mind, I don’t know what is. Unless “Putting us back on our feet” means war, inflation, open borders and chaos in our major cities. There’s more, but the purpose is to eliminate our middle class. That hasn’t completely happened yet, but that’s the job he wants to finish. From what China saw, they may consider invading. Ah, well, never mind, they’re already at our southern border. In the meantime, another Special Prosecutor is taking The Donald from pillar to post for keeping classified documents at his home. We have one set of laws and two sets of prosecutions and punishments. The rule of law is dead.
Another weekend will open its door soon and Monday is President’s Day. The next big three-dayer won’t arrive until Memorial Day on May 27th. It used to be called Decoration Day and fell on May 30. The government changed that and their next step will probably make Thanksgiving and Christmas fall on a Monday. They wouldn’t do that? Don’t bet on it! Take care of yourself Old Buddy
Til Next Week: